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Commercial Construction

Our team becomes an active member on the Owner’s/client’s team to ensure that the project is completed according to their specifications. Our onsite management / staff provide the planning, coordination and project management from inception to completion. From the beginning we identify all components which could cause delay or long lead times. With his approach we save our clients time and money and we are able to deliver quality beyond their expectations.

  • Design & build
  • General contracting
  • Construction management

Civil Construction

As one of the original foundations of our business, Raghoebarsingh Construction is truly experienced in a broad scope of site preparation needs. From earth moving to underground drainage. The division overseeing these projects can perform essential tasks needed for various projects that will follow.

From building construction to foundation work along with concrete services, we can perform your difficult tasks without the normal hardships of heavy construction.

  • Site preparation and heavy earth moving
  • Road construction and pavement
  • Excavation of dewatering systems

Procurement and Logistics

At Raghoebarsingh Construction we know that every project is different. Finding the right supplier or partner can sometimes seem impossible. We understand the complex situations in the construction industry, we understand the impact of the material delays and how it affects the productivity and schedule. That is how we were able to develop our exceptional procurement and logistics service. Raghoebarsingh Construction is involved from the start of your project, all we need are your drawings and your timeframe and we will take care of the rest. Our experienced team takes pride in delivering on time.

  • Supply chain of materials
  • Staff recruitment
  • Logistics of materials

Concrete and Structural Steel services

Concrete and steel are versatile building materials, which has led to its inclusion in nearly every stage of the construction process. From piling to roofing materials with structural steel to simple low-rise frames to high rise structures with concrete.

Raghoebarsingh Construction provides a full range of services: from structural concrete and steel design and structural draughting, raw materials sourcing, fabrication, shipping and concrete and steel erection for the simplest to the most exclusive building designs.

  • Procurement
  • Engineering and design
  • Structural Steel fabrication and installation
  • Foundation works
  • Concrete ditches